The Most Popular Tourism Destinations in Manado

The Most Popular Tourism Destinations in Manado

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Manado is the capital of North Sulawesi province and one of the cities that have the best tourist spots in  Indonesia. Bunaken Marine park becoming one the main attraction of Manado city already known by tourist inside and outside the country. Not only that, there are several attractions in Manado most visited by tourists as the best tourist destination in the city of Manado.

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The Most Popular Tourism Destinations in Manado

The Most Popular Tourism Destinations in Manado :

1. Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken Marine Park
For those of you who like to dive and take photos underwater scenery, the island of Bunaken is the most appropiate choice when you visit the city of Manado. Marine life on the island is so unbelievably amazing, you can find diverse forms of coral reefs and many types of beautiful fish under the sea island of bunaken. There are at least 39 diving spots on the island of Bunaken. It makes the tourist attractions in Manado as a haven for the enthusiast diving, snorkeling, and photography. The best time to visit the island of Bunaken is between the months of May, through August, for the month of Bunaken island sea water clearer so as to make you get further visibility while diving.

2. Tondano Lake

Tondano Lake
The next attractions in Manado is a volcanic lake known as Tondano Lake. Amid the Tondano lake there is an  island such as Toba Lake Samosir island tourist spot in the field. The lake has an area of approximately 4,000 hectares and is located in the highlands or 600 meters above sea level. You can enjoy the natural scenery and see the fisherman who were fishing with charter boat around the lake use. Beside enjoying the natural scenery of the Tondano Lake, you can also enjoy culinary travel Betutu like processed fish and other freshwater fish.

3. Malalayang Beach

Malalayang Beach
In addition to the island of Bunaken, on the beach Malalayang also have underwater scenery interisting. Diving equipment rental facility very easily you meet here, so you don't have to worry when you forget to bring your dive gear. Morever view of the sunrise on the beach Malalayang no less beautiful as other beaches in Indonesia. While enjoying the beauty of the beach, you also need to taste the culinary snacks fried banana with chili Dabu-Dabu typical Manado.

4. Sawangan River

Sawangan River
If you like challenging water sports, you should try to come to the village Sawangan to play rafting and conquer the swift currents of the river. Rafting on the start line from the resort village Sawangan river park and will take away traveling about 9 km. For beginners rafting intructor's role is necessary for the safety of your own. In the tense situation facing heavy water flow, you can see the sights along the river. If you are lucky, you will see the monkeys hanging from a tree branch that exist at the edges of the river.

5. Tandurusa Park

Tandurusa Park
In the Tandarusa park you can find various types of native animals such as monkeys Sulawesi black, various types of birds, tarsiers and others. Tarsier is a type of animal with a unique shape, almost like a monkey but has long arms and legs exceeds the length of its body, large round eyes and this size is not more than 15 cm.

6. Flower city of Tomohon

Flower city of Tomohon
Near the town of Manado there is also a city known as the Flower city of Tomohon. To go to the city you only need to travel about 22 km. For those who like the types of flowers, in Tomohon you will find a wide variety of flower with the beauty of each of each type. This tourist place is also often held the flower festival and other entertainment between the months of June through August.

7. Kima Atas Waterfall

Kima Atas Waterfall
Tourist destinations in Manado this one has some cool air and soothing views of green trees. Waterfall clams on not so heavy so it is safe for those of you who want to swim or just splash around in the bottom of the waterfall. If you just want to just relax, there are few places in the area waterfalls snacks clamps up. There was also the ATM machine for those who have run out of cash.

8. Museum Negeri Sulawesi Utara

Museum Negeri Sulawesi Utara
It seems like almost every area has a local history museum related. Tourist attractions in Manado this one is perfect for your baby comes along. We can introduce the history of the regions in Indonesia and remembering the struggle of the heroes. In this museum you can get to know the culture as indigenous tribes Minahasa Sulawesi province. In addition you can also see the relics of the heroes of the area, a miniature custom homes, custome apparel and more. For entrance to the tourist spot is very, very cheap and still affordable.

9. Bukit Kasih

Bukit Kasih
Bukit Kasih is a place where the house of worship of the five major religions in Indonesia closer together. When you enter this area, you will see the monument Tolerance or a 22 meter high monument pentagonal that on each side there is a symbol of the five religions. There was also a cross tower with a height of 55 meters, the tower you can see from the boulevard in the city center area. To reach these place you have to travel to the village Kanonang a distance less than 55 km from downtown  Manado.

10. Boulevard Area

Boulevard Area
At first, this place is just a place to sell vendors only, but local authorities have the initiative to make this area as a landmark of the city of Manado. Not only resident of Manado who like this place, tourist from outside Manado also loved it. The view here is no less beautiful sunset with other tourist attractions in Indonesia. After sunset, the place is too crowded at night as a culinary snack in downtown Manado.