This is the Saman Dance, Dance from Aceh which is Worldwide

Among the various traditional dances originating from the Indonesian tribe, Saman Dance is one of the traditional dances that falls into the very unique category. The uniqueness of the Saman dance lies not only in the movements of the compact dancers, but also in the harmonization of the songs and choirs that follow. This uniqueness makes dance from the Land of Aceh to be so famous, not only domestically, but also in all other countries. Well, here, let us discuss the uniqueness of saman dances ranging from history, origin, motion, singing, choir and dancer costumes.

This is the Saman Dance, Dance from Aceh which is Worldwide
Saman Dance

The History of Saman Dance 

Saman Dance is a dance from the Gayo tribe , Aceh, which was developed in the 14th century by a great scholar named Shaykh Saman . This dance was originally just a folk game called Pok Ane. Islamic culture became the Gayo region during the acculturation of the Ane Pok game, so the Pok Ane Bridesmaid's singing game which was originally only a complement, turned into meaningful praise and singing to God. Islamic culture also changed some movements in the Saman dance from Pats and changed seats.

This is the Saman Dance, Dance from Aceh which is Worldwide

The Saman Dance in the Sultanate of Aceh was only performed at the celebration of the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad in mosques or mosques in the Gayo area, but in its development, he also later played at public events such as birthday parties, weddings, circumcision, and other events until now.

Since 24 November 2011, saman dance has been designated as one of the Cultural Heritage. There were objects from Indonesia by UNESCO at the sixth session of the State Intergovernmental Committee held in Bali. The dance, known in English as the " Thousand Hands " dance, is still preserved today, not only by the Gayo Aceh tribe, but also by the whole world who admire its uniqueness.

Saman dancers and dance movements

In the beginning, the saman dance was played only by men who were no more than 10 people, 8 as dancers and 2 as signaling. However, in its development, realizing that a dance will be more lively when played by more dancers, thus the Saman dance is danced by more than 10 dancers. In addition, women who were not allowed to play this dance were also permitted to play.

This is the Saman Dance, Dance from Aceh which is Worldwide

To adjust the cohesiveness of the dancer's movements, the saman dance will usually be led by two sheikhs. The Shaykh is a regulator of the same rhythm that guides the singing or poetry movements that accompany this dance.

The movements in the Saman dance are generally divided into several elements, namely the applause and applause, shaking, skirting, Lingang, and stretching. The names of all the movements in this saman dance come from Gayo. What makes the same dance so unique and often brings admiration to those who watch it is because of the harmonization of the movements in this dance that drift quickly share poetry and accompany. Many people abroad are even more familiar than the Kecak or Pendet saman dance from Bali.

Saman Dance Choir and Song

Unlike the dance performances in general, the original saman dance performance, you will not find the accompaniment of any musical instrument. The only rhythm used to harmonize the movements of this dance is the dancer's voice itself. They will clap, pat his chest, thighs and floor or sometimes sing their own poetry to synchronize the dancer's movements with other dancers.

For the song lyrics of the saman dance song itself is usually words and advice that means so deep. His poems contain Islamic moral messages that must be infused by any audience. For a sheikh or dance guide, singing Saman dance songs should also not be done haphazardly. There are five standard rules or methods that must be followed in singing this saman dance.

These five rules are:

  • The howling roar is preceded by a guide.
  • Ringing is a sigh that is soon followed by all dancers.
  • Redet or short song with a short tone sung by one of the dancers in the middle.
  • Sheikh or a song that is sung in a high voice as a sign of changes in motion.
  • The saur or songs shared by all dancers are repeated once sung by the solo dancer.
This is the Saman Dance, Dance from Aceh which is Worldwide

The Meaning and Importance of Saman Dance

Apart from the variety of uniqueness, the saman dance for the people of Aceh has a very deep meaning and significance. This dance symbolizes courtesy, education, togetherness, teamwork, and the religious heroism of the Acehnese people. The propaganda messages contained in each poem also have their own values. Advice with implied meaning is so thick in the lyrics of this dance song.

Source : Copied from The Origin Story Blog .