11 Shopping Centers in Surabaya

Mall Surabaya - If you are in Surabaya and want to find references about shopping centers available in Surabaya , then you are reading the right article. Although I am still writing one more out of all the malls listed in this article, but at least you already have an idea to go anywhere. Here is a list of shopping centers in Surabaya, East Java that you can explore alone, with friends, or with family.

List of Shopping Centers in Surabaya

1. BG Junction

11 Shopping Centers in Surabaya
BG Junction

Located in the north of Surabaya in the Blauran area, the direction to Tanjung Perak, before the Heroes Monument. Here is suitable for you who want to shop for furniture offering a complete collection of various brands. One of the famous tenants who rented stalls here is Hartono Electronics. Unfortunately the food court here is less representative.

Bubutan Golden Junction or better known as BG Junction is a mall established by a joint venture (JV) between companies based abroad, namely Keppel Land Singapore and PT. Lentera Sentral Perkasa as a local partner in Indonesia.

2. City of Tomorrow (CITO)

11 Shopping Centers in Surabaya
City of Tomorrow

When you first come to the city of Surabaya, whether it is from the Purabaya terminal (Bungurasih), or from Juanda airport (Sidoarjo), then you will be greeted by a magnificent building located in one corner of the Waru roundabout. The mall which is managed by Lippo Group is the biggest shopping center in the south of Surabaya. With the concept of superblock consisting of condominiums, malls, universities, offices, and others. Here there are also well-known private universities, Universitas Pelita Harapan or abbreviated as FMU. Famous tenants who rent kiosks at the mall include Matahari Department Store, Hypermart, J-Co, Papa Ron's, First Media and others.

3. Hi-Tech Mall

11 Shopping Centers in Surabaya
Hi-Tech Mall
Formerly called THR Mall, a shopping center specifically for shopping for computers, software and things related to computers. About Mal Mangga Dua Jakarta or Harco Mangga Dua, but in a smaller version. ITC Mega Wholesale. There's also a Ramayana Supermarket here. Here you can buy cellphones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, computer assemblies, parts, and many technology-related items that you can get at Hi-Tech Mall Surabaya.

4. Jembatan Merah Plaza

11 Shopping Centers in Surabaya
Jembatan Merah Plaza
Located in the northern region of Surabaya, close to Tanjung Perak. Before Surabaya Polrestabes. It's a bit crowded here, like ITC Cempaka Mas, many clothing and knick-knacks sellers here.

As I recall, there was a billiard room upstairs, but my last visit to this plaza was around 2005. Whether the pool was still there or not.

5. Maspion Square

11 Shopping Centers in Surabaya
Maspion Square
A shopping center is located in South Surabaya , precisely in the Wonocolo area, Jalan Frontage Road Ahmad Yani, Surabaya. One of the well-known tenants who rent stalls here is Giant Hypermarket and Hartono Electronics. You who are looking for furniture can look for it here. Including looking for Airland brand spring mattresses, here is a shop that is an official Airland dealer.

In addition to a large parking area, Maspion Square is also known as a place for buying and selling used cars. At the front of the mall, you will see a second row of cars offered for sale and purchase in cash or can be in the form of credit. As for dining, near the entrance there is a Richeese fast food restaurant franchise, and inside is an A&W restaurant.

6. Royal Plaza

11 Shopping Centers in Surabaya
Royal Plaza
The newly established mall is quite modern and complete. Some well-known tenants who rent stalls here are Ace Hardware, Matahari Department Store. Gramedia Store, and Richeese Factory.

In this mall, the culinary menu is quite complete, and the food court is very extensive. You can eat while enjoying the view of Richeese Factory Surabaya on the upper floor. You can also find a refreshing spa and massage here. And there are nightspots too. If it's vacation or big day, here you will find it difficult to find a parking space, because the mall is usually crowded with Surabaya people who vacation with friends or family. So prepare the best time possible if you want to visit this mall on holidays.

7. Tunjungan Plaza

11 Shopping Centers in Surabaya
Tunjungan Plaza
The largest and most famous shopping center complex in Surabaya.

You are definitely familiar with Surabaya's distinctive song that sings the lyrics in this mall. "Let's go rek rek, mlaku mlaku nang tunjungan" is a song that makes this mall a tourist attraction that must be visited every time to Surabaya. Its location is in the center of Surabaya, bordering North Surabaya, before the Blauran area. In this shopping center, you will find possible ways for almost everything you can find in Surabaya, ranging from electronics, fashion, cuisine, cinema, karaoke, game centers, exhibitions, hotels, to nightclubs. If the holiday season or the peak season, the mall is so full that visitors often have difficulty finding a parking space, and very often causes congestion to the Basuki Rahmat road.

8. Pusat Grosir Surabaya (PGS)

11 Shopping Centers in Surabaya
Pusat Grosir Surabaya
The newest mall wholesaler center in Surabaya. Surabaya Wholesale Center or commonly abbreviated as PGS is one of the most visited shopping centers in Surabaya. Located on Jalan Dupak No. 1 (Pasar Turi Station), Surabaya, East Java - 60 172, Indonesia, the shopping complex provides various types of goods for individuals and households on a large scale primarily intended for traders (wholesalers). Only when visiting here, you should be more careful of pickpockets and bad people who roam around and target your belongings such as bags, wallets, jewelry, and so on. In addition, you must be prepared to spend extra effort in finding parking because PGS is getting a parking space which is a little difficult given the busy shopping centers, especially on Sundays and other holidays.

9. Supermall Pakuwon Indah (SPI)

11 Shopping Centers in Surabaya
Supermall Pakuwon Indah
Pakuwon Indah Supermall or commonly abbreviated as SPI (Supermall Pakuwon Indah) is a shopping center located in the city of Surabaya , East Java, and is touted as the largest shopping center in West Surabaya. Since it was first opened in 2003, Pakuwon Indah Supermall has been successful and has become a magnet for growth in the Central Business District (CBD), an integrated business area developed by Pakuwon Indah housing complex in West Surabaya. The three-storey building with an area of ​​90,000 square meters provides a place for all the needs that are important for the community. Shop comfortably in the most modern and comprehensive shopping center in West Surabaya, including the ability to organize a number of events or exhibitions, promotions, meetings, weddings and conventions.

10. Galaxy Mall

11 Shopping Centers in Surabaya
Galaxy Mall
Mall in Surabaya This is the largest shopping center in the eastern city of Surabaya. Initially established since 1995, the mall consists of 5 floors with national and international tenants. The number of tenants in the Galaxy Mall is certainly easier for visitors to shop for all family needs in one place (one stop shopping) ranging from clothing products (fashion), food (culinary / culinary), to the world of entertainment. (entertainment).

11. World Trade Center Surabaya (WTC Surabaya)

11 Shopping Centers in Surabaya
WTC Surabaya
World Trade Center or commonly called WTC Surabaya is a shopping center that is devoted to selling mobile phones (cellphones), smart phones, laptops, cameras, and other gadgets in the city of Surabaya. With tenants in the form of high-rise buildings spread over 6 floors, providing all types of mobile phones both smartphones and various latest gadgets such as POWERBANK, tablet PCs, and others. Here there are also leading smartphone Service Center products, Mobile Information Centers, Cellular Cellphone Operators, sellers of cell phone accessories, and equipped with a dining room that has wi-fi plus a minimarket.

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