Jam Gadang, The Landmark of Bukittinggi City West Sumatera

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Clock Tower is the landmark of Bukittinggi and West Sumatra province in Indonesia. Symbol is also typical of West Sumatra has a story and unique because he is already decades. Clock Tower was built in 1926 by architect Yazin and Sutan Gigi Ameh. Laying the first stone was carried out hours Rook Maker's first son who was then 6 years old. This clock is a gift from the Queen of the Netherlands to Controleur (Secretary of State). Distinctive symbols and West Sumatra's Bukittinggi has a story and uniqueness in its history. It can be traced from the ornaments on the Clock Tower. 

In the Dutch colonial period, this ornament clock round and on it stands a statue of a rooster. During the Japanese occupation, ornaments hour turned into a pagoda. While in the period after independence, the ornament shape again changed to the shape gonjong traditional Minangkabau house. The numbers on the clock are also unique. The number four in Roman numerals are usually written by IV, but at the Clock Tower is listed with IIII. From the tower of the Clock Tower, the tourists can see the panorama of the city of Bukittinggi is composed of hills, valleys and buildings lined up in the middle of the city not to be missed. When constructed fees totaled 3,000 Gulden with adjustments and renovations over time. When the Dutch era and the first built round shaped roof and above it stands a statue of a rooster.

Jam Gadang, The Landmark of Bukittinggi City West Sumatera

While at times the Japanese changed again with pagoda-shaped and when Indonesia Merdeka turned into a traditional Minangkabau house. Every day hundreds of people tried at the site of the Clock Tower. There being an amateur photographer, there are selling balloons, and even look for a charge oto (public transport) to be taken to other tourist locations in London. "Clock Tower is always a blessing for us every day to work as a photographer and balloon sellers here. That's why this clock into a clock greatness Minang citizens, "said Afrizal, one of the amateur photographers around the Clock Tower. To reach this location, tourists can use a landline. From the city of Padang to Bukittinggi, trip can be taken for approximately 2 hours using public transport. After arriving in the city of Bukittinggi, the journey can continue to use public transportation to the location of the Clock Tower.

Jam Gadang, The Landmark of Bukittinggi City West Sumatera

At first glance, there may be no weirdness at building the clock as high as 26 meters. Moreover, if the observed shape, because the Clock Tower only tangible spherical with a diameter of 80 centimeters, strut basement basic size of 13 x 4 meters, like a monument or monuments. Therefore another clock size of this habit, it is very suitable as the Clock Tower, which means a big clock. There is not even a strange thing when I saw the Roman numerals in the Clock Tower. But try more closely on the Roman numeral four. There seems to be something that seemed to deviate from the standard. Properly, wrote the Roman numeral four with symbol IV. But in the Clock Tower instead made into a single number that lined the four (IIII). Writing beyond the roman numeral patron is still shrouded in mystery. But uniquely, a peculiarity in the writing of these numbers even make the Clock Tower to be more "challenging" and the evocative question mark every person who (coincidentally) know about it and pay attention. Even more unique, sometimes the question arises whether this is an old and ancient patron or errors and or or the other.

From a variety of information in the community, the number four strange some interpret as an indicator the number of victims to be victim when development. Or there is a mean, four artisan manufacture construction worker died after an hour of the Clock Tower was completed. That makes sense, because the clock is made of materials including white cement mixed with egg white. If examined if there are mistakes made point IV, of course there is the possibility of a row register a mystery. But at least it seems to be discounted. As the clock gift from the Dutch Queen to controleur (secretary of the city), and made expert Uncle Sam American clock, the possibility of error is very small. But just let the mystery with various confidential.

But that should be known again, the engine of the Clock Tower is also believed there are only two in the world. Twin course that is currently installed at Big Ben, England. Machines that work manually such by the manufacturer, Forman (a famous nobleman) named Brixlion. Now back to the Roman numeral four, whether the manufacture of odd number four was intentional by the author, as well nobody knows. But that is also worth noting, that the Clock Tower is the laying of the first stone is done by a six year old child, a son The first Rook Maker who served controleur Netherlands in London at the time. While still in the Dutch colonial period, the top part of the Clock Tower built with magnificent sculpture of a rooster. However, when the Netherlands lost and a change to the Japanese colonialists in Indonesia, the top is replaced with a pagoda shape. Furthermore when the period of independence, the top of the pagoda-style roofs replaced lowered bagonjong traditional Minangkabau house.

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