10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Bandung

10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Bandung

Since long time ago, Bandung has been known as a city that has tourist attractions that are the target of many tourists. This tourist spot in Bandung is located which is surrounded by mountains and cool air, making it has many beautiful and charming tourist areas.

Not only natural tourism , the area of ​​Bandung and its surroundings also has a cultural tourist attraction and carries a variety of unique tourism concepts in various entertainment venues and culinary attractions combined with natural panoramas.

Of course, this unique tourism concept can encourage you to find out more about the various tourist attractions in Bandung that are offered. Now is the time to invite you to explore these various uniqueness, read the complete review of recommended tourist attractions in Bandung that must be visited below.

1. Stone Garden Padalarang

Not many people know the beauty that this view on the Stone Garden hill offers. Especially if tourists visit this rocky field in the morning when the sun appears or at dusk when the sun sets.

10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Bandung

The scenery that is presented at this tourist spot in Bandung looks phenomenal, inviting admiration from visitors, after exploring the naturally formed rocks of the former lake in ancient times. Of course there is no denying that Batu Park, which is located on a plateau on top of a hill, is no less beautiful than tourist attractions abroad.

After a little trekking through the uphill rocks, you can tread and see the meadow where the upright rocks are in such artistic formations. The beauty of the landscape that stretches out between the people's farmlands and the open sky as far as the eye can see is no less than the viral Grand Canyon in America .

2. Kawah Putih Ciwidey

Who hasn't heard the name Kawah Putih, which has long been synonymous with Bandung tourism? Kawah Putih is precisely located at the top of Mount Patuha, Ciwidey , South Bandung area and has a temperature between 8 - 22 degrees Celsius.

To reach this tourist spot in Bandung, you have to pass through an old tea plantation called Gambung. As one of the oldest tea plantations in Indonesia , the atmosphere is completely different from other tea plantations such as those in Puncak or Lembang.

10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Bandung

Its beauty offers a spectacular view and is different from the others. The color of the water in this crater lake can change. When the weather is hot, sometimes it is turquoise.

Sometimes the color changes to a milky brown color and more often it turns white when the air is filled with thick fog. The sand and rocks in this lake area are also white, which is why this crater lake is called Kawah Putih .

3. De Ranch Lembang

De Ranch is a tourist spot in Bandung that offers the charm of cowboy horse riding, making it a favorite tourist spot for children in Bandung . The location is on Jalan Raya Maribaya which has cool and fresh air and is surrounded by green trees.

10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Bandung

Visitors who want to ride will be given cowboy costumes in the form of hats and vests. Then they will ride horses around the De Ranch location, accompanied by experienced horse guides.

Currently, there are various types of entertainment at De Ranch , including wagon rides, archery, fun boats, fishing ponds, Gold Hunter, and others. This tourist spot in Bandung has succeeded in becoming one of the right educational tourist spots for children. Meanwhile, other family members can relax at the restaurant while enjoying Lembang milk and its various specialties.

4. Farm House Susu Lembang

This tourist spot in Bandung is called the Farm House because this place is built to resemble a mini farm with beautiful flowers and mini farms. The location is also easily accessible because it is on Jalan Setiabudi which is the main road to Lembang, not far from Rumah Sosis .

10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Bandung

With an affordable entrance ticket price and can be exchanged for whole milk or grilled sausages, at this tourist spot in Bandung tourists can take pictures at the beautiful spots provided such as the Hobbit House. Visitors can pose as a Dutch lady and pose in front of a European-style house.

The restaurant in this tourist spot also looks beautiful and the building model is no less unique. Children can also feel very at home playing here while feeding rabbits, goats, birds, chickens and ducks.

5. The Lodge Maribaya

The Lodge Maribaya, which is located in Cibodas Lembang, is really clean and green due to the atmosphere of the pine tree leaves that grow there. The location of this tourist spot in Bandung is surrounded by beautiful mountains, forests and valleys with an overseas atmosphere.

10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Bandung

The Lodge has now become a favorite location so you shouldn't miss it when visiting the Lembang area. In this tourist spot you can enjoy the beauty and cool air, far from pollution. You can also take selfies at the Tree House and Mountain Swing (swing).

In this tourist spot in Bandung, visitors can do many things, from horse riding, adventure for children, painting, cycling, feeding rabbits, to outbound activities.

6. Tebing Keraton

Tebing Keraton which is located in Forest Park or Tahura Ir. Juanda in the Dago Pakar area presents a very spectacular view. Many tourists visit tourist attractions in Bandung which are currently hits to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful expanse of the Grand Forest Park and the fresh air.

You can also see the rows of hills that appear to be towering from a distance. The green nature of Taman Hutan Raya and the calm atmosphere of the surrounding nature can make you detach from your daily routine for a moment.

10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Bandung

The location that was once the most phenomenal tourist spot in 2015 is even dubbed the exotic cliff of Instagram. Located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, just before sunrise and sunset, this place will be so exotic and very romantic.

If the sky is clear, visitors can enjoy the morning sun that appears among the foggy clouds. Likewise, when the sun sets, the evening sky above the Keraton Cliff will be decorated with a golden color. The tourists will usually take the time to take pictures with a backdrop of natural beauty when these two moments take place.

7. Trans Studio Bandung

Not only providing natural attractions, Bandung also has tourist attractions that stimulate adrenaline. If you like activities a bit extreme and adrenaline pumping, don't forget to come to Trans Studio Bandung which is located on Jalan Gatot Subroto, Bandung. In this tourist spot in Bandung, there are five types of rides that can really make your heart feel like it falls off.

10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Bandung

There is a Trans Studio Roller Coaster, the Yamaha Racing Coaster, which has a speed of 200 km / hour and a train line height of 50 meters. Then there's Vertigo, a giant windmill ride, with a height of 20 meters.

Giant Swing rides as high as 14 meters, will make your stomach like being shaken with a spinning swing. Meanwhile, Wahana Negeri Giant will throw your body like from the height of the fifth floor building. For those of you who want to test your guts, please enter another World vehicle that presents ghosts from all over Bandung. Isn't it exciting?

8. Upside Down World Photo Tour

Are you curious and want to pose upside down in the room without fear of falling? If you want to take pictures with the style of astronauts in space, just stop by at Upside Down World, which is located in Dipati Ukur, Coblong, Bandung.

10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Bandung

The concept presented by tourist attractions in Bandung is indeed unique, so that it has succeeded in becoming a special attraction for tourists visiting the city of Bandung. You can take pictures in reverse with the background of the bedroom, kitchen, guest room, and others according to the theme that is carried.

Visitors can take anti-mainstream photos at tourist attractions in Bandung and don't have to worry about security. All properties used have been arranged so that your safety is guaranteed. The stylist will also direct your style when taking photos or you can see examples of existing photos, is that fun right?

Don't forget to dress up and wear catchy clothes when taking pictures, so that the results don't disappoint. What a shame if you waste this rare opportunity!

9. Grafika Cikole

Grafika Cikole, which is located in the Lembang area, is a tourist spot, lodging and restaurant suitable for family recreation. The location which is surrounded by pine forests covering an area of ​​9 hectares, such as in Bogor, is very suitable for outbound activities for families, agencies, and schools.

Located at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level, this area has a cool and fresh air. Apart from outbound activities, you can also do various activities such as picking strawberries, trekking, playing in a tree house, flying fox, camping to pre-wedding photos.


Visitors can also choose a place to eat which is a facility for this tourist spot, for example Saung Lesehan. This restaurant is nestled among the hills of a pine forest and is an open-air cottage restaurant. The building style is similar to the saung lesehan in rice fields with wooden floors with calf-high fences and thatched roofs. This place is intended for individual guests and families.

Meanwhile, the Forest Pendopo is a building in open nature located in a pine forest area on top of a hill. Forest Pendopo is provided for cottage guests with a capacity of up to 100 people.

For larger groups, you can choose Sundanese Restaurant with a balcony overlooking the pine forest hills. The room can accommodate 200 people and is equipped with live music, 16 toilets, prayer rooms and a parking area that can accommodate 24 tour buses. While the Dayang Sumbi Hall is used for group tours with a capacity of up to 600 people.

10. Pinisi Resto and Glamping Lakeside

For those of you who like beautiful tourist attractions and have natural nuances, this tourist spot in southern Bandung can be used as a new tourist spot. Pinisi Resto and Glamping Lakeside are very suitable as exciting hangout places for tourists.

The reason is, the location of this boat-shaped restaurant and campsite is right next to the beautiful Lake Situ Patenggang. The lake itself is in the hills, not far from the Rancabali plantation, Ciwidey. Precisely near the Batu Cinta area.


In the past, to go to the Batu Cinta area, tourists had to rent a boat at a fairly high price. However, currently, this area has been converted into the Glamping Lakeside Rancabali area. After passing through the entrance, you will cross a 4 km long road with views of the tea gardens on either side of the road.

Activities that you can do besides eating at Pinisi Resto and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere that are served are camping at Gamping Lakeside. Don't worry, camping packages including breakfast, lunch and dinner services have been provided by Pinisi Resto so you don't have to bother anymore.