Vacationing in Labuan Bajo, Heaven from Eastern Indonesia

Vacationing in Labuan Bajo, Heaven from Eastern Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that has many islands. There are at least 17,504 islands registered as part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. The whole island has a lot of beauty and provides a tourist attraction both local and foreign. One of the islands which is famous for its beach tourism is Labuan Bajo.

History of Labuan Bajo

From the east of Indonesia, in East Nusa Tenggara Province, there is a village called Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is one of the villages of 9 villages located in Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Historically, Labuan comes from the word labuhan, which is a village that was used as a berth for people who came from the Bajo and Bugis of South Sulawesi. Finally this village was later called Labuan Bajo.

With its exoticism, Labuan Bajo has become a tourist destination that is even well known to foreign countries. Becoming a tourist destination, Labuan Bajo later became the capital of East Manggarai Regency with transportation facilities for docks, ports and even airports.

Labuan Bajo has many tourism objects. It can be said that almost every meter of the area has beauty and uniqueness. Why not, Labuan Bajo is indeed a small island that connects all the beauties from beaches, sea, hills and grasslands. There is even a village that is unique with the preservation of its customs which is still maintained today.

Famous tourist objects include Komodo Island , Pink Beach, Manta Point, small islands such as Kanawa, loh liang, waterfalls and even caves in Labuan Bajo. The most famous of all is Komodo Island. Komodo Island is so called because of the existence of Komodo dragons. This animal is the only one who survived after a long time ago the Krakatoa eruption occurred which caused a tsunami. With its lengendaris existence, this animal is one of the animals that are preserved. Likewise, Komodo Island is a National Park which is accepted as a world heritage site category by the United Nations agency, namely UNESCO.

Besides Komodo Island, which is also famous is Pink Beach and Manta Point. Pink beach is a beach with pink sand that is attractive and has a unique view, while Manta Point is a statue located at the bottom of one of the beaches in Labuan Bajo which is one of the diving spots that is also unique.

10 Tourism Objects In Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo Tourism Object that You Must Visit because of Its Beauty

Having a vacation to Labuan Bajo seems incomplete if you don't stop by several attractive tourist points in the vicinity. Not only offering beauty, this unspoiled tourist attraction is also guaranteed to help you calm down from the fatigue of your daily routine. So, which tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo must be visited while on vacation? Here's the list.

1. Komodo Island

Vacationing in Labuan Bajo, Heaven from Eastern Indonesia
Image : Travel Kompas

The most famous destination for those of you who have a big mentality is Komodo Island. This island is the habitat of the Komodo dragon, or is often referred to as the lizard. This animal has been named the largest type of lizard in the world with a weight of up to 100 kg. This animal is allegedly a symbol of ancient animals that still survive today.

But unfortunately, development and various other human activities threaten the existence of this Komodo dragon. For this reason, the government designated this area as the Komodo National Park to protect its habitat since 1980. This site has received recognition from UNESCO as a world heritage site that is included in the category one of the seven wonders of the world.

2. Gili Laba

Vacationing in Labuan Bajo, Heaven from Eastern Indonesia
Image : Yang Hits

If you've arrived at Komodo National Park, it's a shame if you don't take the time to stop by Gili Laba. This small island in a cluster of National Parks has a very enchanting natural beauty. You can see the stretch of sea from the top of the hill which looks very beautiful with the contrast of the blue sea water and white sand that stretches along the coast.

To rise to the top of Gili Laba requires extra energy. You can hike from any point you like. However, when you reach the top, that tiredness will pay off in full. You can see the whole enchanting scenery of Komodo Island. If you don't want to drain your energy by hiking, you can just sunbathe or snorkel on the beach.

3. Cunca Wulang waterfall which is similar to the Grand Canyon

Vacationing in Labuan Bajo, Heaven from Eastern Indonesia
Image : Flores Plus

Bored with hot and hot beaches, you can relax your mind for a moment by visiting the Cunca Wulang waterfall tour. The waterfall, which is located in the Mbeling forest area, offers a serenity that you can't get anywhere else. With a height of 2,000 meters above sea level, this waterfall is often dubbed the Indonesian version of the Grand Canyon.

To release the accumulated fatigue and stress, you can try to take extreme, anti-mainstream steps. Try to climb the rock in Cunca Wulang, then jump from the height of the waterfall. However, this reckless action can only be done in the rainy season when the water flow is high. You also have to consult the guide first to ensure safety.

4. Kanawa Island, a beautiful sea as clear as an aquarium

Vacationing in Labuan Bajo, Heaven from Eastern Indonesia
Image : Pinterest

Another island cluster that you must visit is Kanawa Island. This island has very clear water like a large aquarium. With an area of ​​up to 35 hectares, you can walk around to enjoy the beauty there. To enjoy the underwater beauty, you don't have to bother diving. Because it is so clear, coral reefs and marine life can still be seen with the naked eye.

5. Rangko Cave

Vacationing in Labuan Bajo, Heaven from Eastern Indonesia
Image : Youtube

Not only beaches and hills, you can also enjoy different destinations by visiting Rangko Cave. Like other caves, Rangko Cave also has interesting stalactites and stalagmite decorations. The difference is, in the cave there is clear blue sea water which makes it look even more exotic. Unfortunately, the terrain to this area is quite difficult, so you need to hire a local tour guide service.

6. Manta Point, for you who love diving and snorkeling

Vacationing in Labuan Bajo, Heaven from Eastern Indonesia
Image : Batan Sabo Cottage

Tired of the same kind of walking activity? For those of you who like diving and snorkeling activities, Manta Point is a paradise not to be missed. This location is also quite famous so that many tourists come. You can swim and meet face to face with manta rays easily here.

7. Pink Beach

Vacationing in Labuan Bajo, Heaven from Eastern Indonesia
Image : Tempat Wisata

Like the name it carries, Pink Beach does have a stretch of pink sand along its coast. Very unique, right? This beach has been named as one of the 7 beaches that have pink sand in the world. This pink color actually comes from the fragments of shells and various marine life that are there.

Apart from walking on the coast, you can also try diving and snorkeling activities here. Pink Beach is also good for you to make a spot to take a variety of good and instagramable photos, as well as add to your stock photos.

8. Batu Cermin Cave

Vacationing in Labuan Bajo, Heaven from Eastern Indonesia
Image :

Not many people know that there is a unique destination called Batu Cermin Cave in the Labuan Bajo area. The road to enter this destination is quite narrow with clusters of thorny bamboo. However, you will enjoy all the beauty when it comes to this area. Batu Cermin Cave is a limestone cluster that rises 75 meters high.

To facilitate travel, the government has built a cement ladder at the front. This cave is allegedly proof that this area was once part of the sea. There are several rock formations that are thought to be fossilized turtles, marine animal remains, and coral reefs in it.

9. Bukit Cinta

Vacationing in Labuan Bajo, Heaven from Eastern Indonesia
Image : Travel Kompas

If Semeru is famous for Tanjakan Cinta, then Labuan Bajo has Bukit Cinta for those of you who are making love. This hill offers a beautiful panorama with exotic views of Pede Beach, Seraya Island, Wae Cicu Beach, and Bajo Harbor. Usually this place is used by young people who are in love to enjoy the scenery.

10. Wae Rebo, the land above the clouds

Vacationing in Labuan Bajo, Heaven from Eastern Indonesia
Image : TripTrus

You can really feel the sensation of the land above the clouds by visiting Wae Rebo. This tourist spot is located in the middle of the mountains with traditional houses and communities that are still very traditional. You can take a tour as well as learn about the life and customs of the Manggarai people who live there.

Apart from the various spots above, there are actually many Labuan Bajo attractions that you can visit. The important thing, don't forget to keep manners and not littering. Have a good vacation.

12 Exciting Activities in Labuan Bajo that You Must Have on Vacation

There are many exciting activities in Labuan Bajo that you can do while on vacation. This popular destination with enchanting natural beauty does have many interesting things that you can explore.

Immediately, let's see the recommendations for activities in Labuan Bajo, the following paradise in East Nusa Tenggara!

1. Play water at Pink Beach

The Labuan Bajo area is a cluster of islands surrounded by beautiful beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches in Labuan Bajo is Pink Beach or Red Beach. This beach is in the area of ​​Komodo National Park.

This popular destination in Labuan Bajo is perfect for those of you who like to enjoy natural beauty. This beach is very unique because it has pink or pink sand.

The pink color comes from a microscopic animal named Foraminifera which gives coral its red color. The corals are then carried by the waves towards the coast, where they are crushed into shards and grains of sand.

The phenomenon of pink sandy beaches is certainly very rare. In fact, there are only seven in the world, you know. So, it's not complete if you have a vacation in Labuan Bajo without stopping by Pink Beach to relax and play water.

2. Sailing on the Pinisi Ship in Labuan Bajo

You must try this interesting Labuan Bajo activity, especially if you are on vacation with your family and friends. It will definitely be an unforgettable vacation experience of a lifetime!

This exclusive way to enjoy the beauty of Labuan Bajo is indeed quite expensive, but it can be said that it is very worth it, fellas. Moreover, tourism in Labuan Bajo is synonymous with island hopping activities, aka traveling from one island to another.

Rented phinisi ships will be happy to accompany you sailing across the islands in this East Nusa Tenggara tour. Luxurious interior design, comfortable rooms, and various facilities will spoil you during your trip in Labuan Bajo.

3. Meet Komodo on Rinca Island and Komodo Island

This interesting activity in Labuan Bajo is a must for you to do. I don't feel like having a vacation in Labuan Bajo without meeting and interacting with this ancient animal.

The best destinations to meet dragons in Labuan Bajo include Komodo Island and Rinca Island. For information, Rinca Island is the largest habitat for Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park.

There are several things you must pay attention to when you want to meet this giant reptile. First, make sure not to walk alone along the trekking path . Remember, Komodo dragons are wild animals that live freely in their habitat.

Then, always keep a safe distance, which is about 3-5 m from the Komodo dragon. You can't get too close to the point. Then, you should postpone meeting Komodo dragons if you are having trouble or having a period. Because, the smell of the Komodo dragon is very sensitive to blood.

4. Trekking at the Best Spot of Labuan Bajo: Padar Island

This exciting activity in Labuan Bajo is also a must for you to do. Padar Island is one of the best destinations in Labuan Bajo and is a popular tourist spot in Indonesia that must be on your bucket list .

Padar Island is indeed one of the main destinations for travelers on vacation in Komodo National Park and its surroundings. The appearance from the top of Padar Island is very beautiful and iconic.

You can see the rows of hills, savanna and sea that stretch around the island. Not to mention the passing ships that add to the beauty of the panorama here.

There are several things that you must prepare before trekking on Padar Island. First, you have to prepare your stamina because the trip to the top takes about 45 minutes-1 hour.

Don't forget to also prepare a hat, glasses, drinking water, and wear sunblock ! You can also bring properties such as scarves and cloth to make your photos even cooler.

The best time for Labuan Bajo to do trekking on Padar Island is in the morning and evening where the sun rises and sets.

5. Try Scuba Diving at Manta Point

Besides being surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, Labuan Bajo is also blessed with spectacular underwater life. One of the activities that you must try while on vacation in Labuan Bajo is scuba diving at Manta Point.

What's so interesting about Manta Point in Labuan Bajo? The best diving spot in Labuan Bajo is very beautiful to enjoy because you can swim and dance with manta rays that live freely.

This manta ray or manta ray is the dream of all nature lovers who like adventure. Swimming with them is certainly a dream come true!

If you don't have a diving license, don't worry because you can still snorkel at Manta Point.

6. Enjoy the Beauty of Kanawa Island

Another exciting activity in Labuan Bajo that you shouldn't miss is visiting Kanawa Island. This small island that looks like a private island has many interesting things that you can explore.

Arriving at Kanawa Island, you will immediately be greeted by a nice little pier. This pier will take you to an exciting adventure on Kanawa Island.

Activities that you can do on Kanawa Island include trekking up the hill to get a view of the hills combined with blue sea water. You can also dive while enjoying the underwater world around Kanawa Island.

Not only that, just relaxing in gazebo-like halls around the island is also very pleasant. Especially when watching the beautiful sunset on Kanawa Island. So exciting!

7. Admire the Dusk on the Hill of Sylvia

Sylvia Hill is one of the coolest places to enjoy the sunset charm of Labuan Bajo. From the top of the hill, you will be presented with views of the clear blue sea, beautiful small islands, to cruises and fishermen who go back and forth around the hill.

This is perfect if you invite your partner to admire the sunset on Sylvia Hill because the atmosphere is so romantic! This Labuan Bajo tourist spot is often referred to as the Love Hill.

Make sure to wear comfortable footwear when you come here.

8. Dusk and Bats Attractions in Kalong Island

There are lots of exciting activities in Labuan Bajo that you must try. One of the most interesting things is seeing hundreds to thousands of bats flying at dusk on Kalong Island.

This moment is very magical and amazing, guaranteed to amaze you! The size of the bats on Kalong Island is quite large and there are so many of them that it is clearly visible on the camera.

Kalong Island is located between Papagarang Island and Rinca Island. The distance is about two hours from the city of Labuan Bajo. The best time to visit Kalong Island is from dusk to night. You can take a boat to see it.

9. Visit the Unique Batu Cermin Cave

Labuan Bajo has many unique tourist attractions that will bring you an unusual holiday experience. Don't miss a visit to Batu Cermin Cave to see the beautiful sunlight that comes in through the crevices during the day.

The sunlight will then be reflected by the rock walls of the cave so that it looks like a mirror. That's why this cave is called Batu Cermin Cave.

Why do cave walls reflect sunlight like that? After investigating, it turns out that this cave wall contains a lot of salt because it was under the sea. It must be fun exploring this cave with an area of ​​about 19 hectares and a height of 75 m.

10. Touring the beautiful Gili Lawa

Gili Lawa is a small, uninhabited island located in the Komodo Archipelago and directly faces the Flores Sea. The appearance of this island is very special, you know, fellas.

Gili Lawa or Gili Laba has an iconic spot where there is a kind of strait flanked by two islands. You really need to take a photo in this spot when you visit Gili Lawa.

Here you will be presented with a view of the hills filled with expanses of grass. During the dry season, the color will be yellow, while during the rainy season it will look fresh green.

Gili Lawa is divided into two, namely Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut. Activities that you can do on Gili Lawa include snorkeling, swimming, trekking , and playing water.

11. Visiting Taka Makassar Labuan Bajo

One more unique tourist destination in Labuan Bajo that you must visit, namely Taka Makassar. This place is very iconic because it is only a small sand island in the middle of the ocean with clear blue water and sparkling white sand.

Apart from having an exotic shape and scenery, Taka Makassar also has amazing underwater diversity. It is very suitable as a spot for snorkeling and diving !

12. Playing at Cunca Wulang Waterfall

Do you like adventure? You really have to try exciting things at Cunca Wulang Waterfall. This exotic waterfall in Labuan Bajo is very interesting to visit. You know the view, oh my!

There are three waterfalls in Cunca Wulang that you can enjoy. However, beforehand you have to trek for 30 minutes through the forest before reaching this beautiful location in East Nusa Tenggara.

Cunca Wulang Waterfall is decorated with beautiful cliffs and very clear blue water. Perfect for those of you who like to play water and swim!

Here you can also try jumping from cliffs as high as 3 to 5 meters. Must try for true adventurers!

There are still many exciting and interesting activities in Labuan Bajo that you can explore. Let's just contact AntaVaya for an unforgettable exciting adventure on the Labuan Bajo tour !

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