Pahawang Island, The Charm of Lampung Sea Paradise

Pahawang Island, The Charm of Lampung Sea Paradise
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Pahawang Island Lampung - Who says you can only find underwater beauty in Banda in Maluku. Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi, or Used in North Sulawesi? You can also find a number of underwater beauties in Lampung. This province, which is still within the reach of the island of Sumatra, has a huge potential for marine tourism, which exploits the natural beauty of the underwater world to spoil the eyes of tourists. One of the underwater tourism objects in Lampung which is quite popular among snorkeling and diving lovers is Pahawang Island.

The name of this island may indeed be less famous than the names of several other marine tourism in Lampung Province. However, recently Pahawang Island is often busy being promoted by several tourists or travelers and has attracted a number of people to visit it.

The beauty of Pahawang Island Lampung has no doubt and is certainly not inferior to the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat, Karimun Jawa, Wakatobi, Bunaken, and others. You can also see some reviews of the underwater beauty of Pahawang Island from several photos and videos uploaded by people on social media.

Maybe some of you are curious about why the name of this island is often given the name Pahawang. Yes, the island is named Pahwang because it is in a water area that has 2 islands, namely Pahawang Besar Island and Pahawang Kecil Island. You can take the route to Pahawang Island Lampung through the center of Bandar Lampung to Ketapang Pier, which is then continued by using a small boat to explore Pahawang Island.

You can also stay there if you want to enjoy the beauty of Pahawang Island longer because there are quite a lot of inns on Pahawang Island, Lampung, and some even make their homes a  homestay .

Having small tropical islands with white sand beaches is the main attraction for tourists to visit Pahawang Island. Some of these small islands include Balak Island, Kelagian Besar Island, Pahawang Kecil Island, Tanjung Pulus Island, and many others.

The beauty of Pahawang Island

Marine tourism in Lampung is indeed very famous for the beauty of its tropical islands which are still very natural and its beaches that have clean white sand. No wonder that every time a long holiday arrives, every marine tourism destination and beaches in Lampung are always crowded with visits.

Pahawang Island is one of the favorites as a tourist attraction in South Lampung that must be visited. Its beauty is no longer in doubt. Some even say that this island is one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. If you have ever visited Anambas Island, there may be a slight similarity between these two islands which are both exotic.

The beauty of Pahawang Island, which is now widely recognized by the public, makes it even more urgent to make it a fun holiday destination. There you will be presented with views of green hills, sloping white sand along the shoreline, and clear and shallow sea water. The condition of this island is also fairly natural and clean.

The waters around the island have underwater beauty that can make you amazed and feel at home for a long time playing in them. There are many great spots for snorkeling. Beforehand, you have to rent the equipment needed, the cost of renting this snorkeling equipment is set at Rp. 50,000 / person.

The best spot for snorkeling is in Pahawang Besar Park, that's where you can find the underwater beauty that is very beautiful and very natural. There is also a special dive site to see the nemo fish colonies that live in the coral reef area of ​​Pahawang waters. The dive site is named Wisata Taman Nemo Lampung.

Below there you can also see other tropical fish that have various colors. You can swim with the fish, and some visitors even feed the fish so they gather on top. If you have a good camera then don't be a chance to take underwater photos in this very amazing handler.

Pahawang Island Tour and its surroundings

Towards the tourist attractions of Pahawang Island, there are several areas that are famous and become the main destination for tourists. These places include;

1. Kelagian Besar Island

Pahawang Island, The Charm of Lampung Sea Paradise
Image : TripTrus

Most of the islands have beautiful white sand beaches. This island is uninhabited because it is often used as a training ground by Indonesian Navy troops. However, tourists can visit and enjoy the atmosphere around Kelagian Besar island

2. Kelagian Kecil Island

Pahawang Island, The Charm of Lampung Sea Paradise
Image : Perjalanannya Indah

Kelagian Kecil Island is often the first snorkeling spot to visit. It is located one route to Pahawang Island, so many tour operators have made this place as well as a destination to visit.

The area is approximately 1 hectare. Visitors usually prefer Kelagian Kecil Island to Kelagian Besar Island, because of its natural atmosphere which many people think is more beautiful. More affected by the atmosphere of the beach.

3. Nemo Park Tour

Pahawang Island, The Charm of Lampung Sea Paradise
Image : CNN Indonesia

Around Pahawang Besar there are many unique snorkeling spots known as Taman Nemo. Many of these snorkeling spots are destinations, because here we can easily see nemo fish in their natural habitat.

Nemo? the point is clown fish or clown fish. Abroad known as clown fish. Called nemo fish here maybe because he is famous for being the main character in a famous animated film; Finding Nemo. At the Taman Nemo spot, we can see these fish roaming freely around the sea anemones where they live.

4. Tanjung Putus Island

Pahawang Island, The Charm of Lampung Sea Paradise
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Tanjung Putus is a unique natural bridge that connects small Pahawang Island with Tanjung Putus Island. It is called unique because this natural sand bridge only appears at low tide. If the tide rises, this natural bridge will sink again. Unique isn't it?

5. Tangkil Island

Pahawang Island, The Charm of Lampung Sea Paradise
Image : Trip Jalan Jalan

This island without inhabitants in Lampung is no less beautiful than Pahawang Island. Located across from Mutun Beach, Tangkil Island can be reached by boat for 10 minutes from Mutun Beach.

Its location not far from the city center of Bandar Lampung makes it a favorite destination in Lampung. There are many facilities that you can find on this island, such as canoe rentals, snorkeling equipment, to jet skis!

The atmosphere around Tangkil Island is still very beautiful and beautiful. Interested in visiting? Don't forget to do various ways to maintain your health while traveling .

6. Tegal Mas Island

Pahawang Island, The Charm of Lampung Sea Paradise
Image : Tribun Lampung

The island, which is located in the Teluk Lampung region, was originally used as a research site for Biology FMIPA students from the University of Lampung because of the winning diversity of marine life.

You can easily find coral reefs, sea anemones, clown fish , sea snakes, and green turtles here. The cottages between the blue sea add to the beauty of this island.

Tegal Island is in demand by tourists who want an exciting vacation to a beautiful island like a private island. To get to Tegal Island, you can cross by boat from Renteng Harbor or about 45 minutes from downtown Bandar Lampung.

7. Kubur Island

Pahawang Island, The Charm of Lampung Sea Paradise

Even though the name of this island tour in Lampung is a little scary, Kubur Island has a super view! Guaranteed to make you feel at home for a long time on this island which covers only about 5 hectares.

It is named Kubur Island because many people come to this island to spread their ashes into the ocean. This island is across from Puri Gading or Tirtayasa Coast and can be reached by boat for about 10 minutes.

Pulau Kubur is a coral island with two exciting parts to explore. One part has a beach, while the other part has coral cliffs that rise towards the coast of Lampung Island Beach.

This island is inhabited and is most suitable for those of you who like fishing. Besides that, you can also relax on the beach while seeing various marine animals.

Sunset on Pahawang Island

After being satisfied playing with the small fish under the sea, you can unwind while relaxing on the beach. Hopefully you will not forget to bring food and drink supplies because there are no residents on Pahawang Kecil Island. If you don't bring food supplies, you should return to Pahawang Besar Island, because there are already residents living there and several stalls selling food.

Pahawang Island, The Charm of Lampung Sea Paradise
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Towards sunset, you can relax on the beach while waiting for the sunset moment on Pahawang Island which is quite a feast for the eyes. Until here, the discussion about tourist destinations in South Lampung is currently popular, hopefully it can provide useful information for all of you. Have a good vacation !

Route To Pahawang Island, Lampung

There are several routes to Pahawang Island that can be used. Do you want a backpacker to Pahawang Island? The following is the route to Pahawang Island in Lampung which we quoted from Facebook Pahawang Island :

  1. From Bakauheni Harbor, take a bus to Bandar Lampung stopping at Rajabasa Terminal (about 2 hours). Take an angkot that goes to Rajabasa-Tanjung Karang (blue angkot, about 30 minutes depending on the density of the road) stops at Pasar Bawah Ramayana, take another angkot that goes to Tanjung Karang-Teluk Betung (maroon / purple color angkot) stops at Gudang Garam then take a pick up to Ketapang Jetty (about 1 hour). The bus fare from Bakauheni-Rajabasa is 25,000 angkot 3000 silver, and the pick-up to Ketapang transportation costs 8,000-10,000.

  2. From Bakauheni Port take a bus to Bandar Lampung stopping at Rajabasa Terminal then take the Damri Bus to Rajabasa-Piyabung route, ask the conductor to drop off at Ketapang Pier, the fare is around 10,000 silver but this bus only operates 1 time a day around 7 am so make sure that want to ride Damri just in time with the bus departure schedule. Alternatively, DAMRI can use a pick-up vehicle to the Ketapang pier.

  3. If you want to use a private vehicle from Bakauheni Port to Bandar Lampung to the Elephant Roundabout, go straight to Betung Bay then towards Padang Cermin / Way Ratai. There are road signs that can guide you so you don't get lost. The same route can be reached from Rajabasa Terminal, the estimated travel time is around 1 - 1.5 hours.

Accomodation on Pahawang Island

There are quite a lot of hotels and inns on the island of Pahawang. Unfortunately, so far we have seen that we cannot book with online services such as Agoda or pegipegi. But you can still book via telephone with an early payment. Apart from hotels and inns, there are also guest houses that can be rented.

The following is a list of hotels and inns on Pahawang Island, the information we collect from;

  • Bumi Pahawang. Phone number: 0856-7744-444
  • Home Stay, sir. Congratulations. Telephone: 0812-7144-6651
  • Home Stay Pahawang Indahnesia. Telephone: 0821-7752-3035
  • Homestay Arifin. Phone number: 0852-6857-9392
  • Mitra bentala accommodation. Phone number: 0819 5745 5551
  • Mr. Arsali's inn. Phone number 0877 9795 5447
For pricing information, facilities and so on, please just contact the numbers above. The inn numbers and names are obtained from

Location Of Pahawang Island

Pahawang Island is located in the Punduh Pidada District, Pasawaran Regency, South Lampung. You need to know that this island is divided into two, namely Pahawang Besar Island and Pahawang Kecil Island. For more details, see the following map:

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