The Mystery of the Bogor Botanical Gardens

The Mystery of the Bogor Botanical Gardens

Every region, culture and country has myths and folklore. These stories were passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth until finally they became a legend that was believed to have really happened and even took root in people's beliefs. So close to history that mystical stories make us curious about the truth. Not infrequently these dark nuanced legends usually involve scary figures and these are the stories of legends in the homeland to foreign countries that will be discussed in the Legend of the Watcher.

Bogor is a city that has a nickname with the City of Rain. The city also provides beautiful views and cool air for everyone who comes to the city of Bogor. There are various kinds of tourism in the city of Bogor, from culinary tourism to nature tourism. Not a few of these tourist attractions have a mystery story that has become the talk of many people. A very famous tourist spot in the city of Bogor and which has a mystery story is the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

The Bogor Botanical Gardens is an icon of the pride of the city of Bogor. The place has become a favorite tourist destination for the community, especially for Bogor residents. The beautiful and shady garden makes the hot sun blocked by the thick trees. Not only that, many visitors say that the Bogor Botanical Gardens also holds many mystical stories and strange events beyond normal human reason. It is said that the legend is inseparable from past history which makes the surrounding atmosphere even more tense, especially in the late afternoon.

Legend has it that there are several places that are believed to have mystical stories. One of the complexes in the Bogor Botanical Gardens whose mystical aura is very pronounced is in the Dutch cemetery complex which is located in the area west of the Bogor Botanical Gardens. This tomb complex is the final resting place for Dutch East Indies officials and their families in the colonial era.

According to information from the local community, when it gets dark, there are often sightings of ghosts that appear around the tomb. They say there are various forms. There is the figure of a woman with long hair in all white clothes, the figure of a man with thick hair and a large body or just strange sounds like people moaning in pain.

Bogor Botanical Garden cleaners said that he had been disturbed by spirits and moaning sounds. In addition to the tomb in the Bogor Botanical Gardens, there is a lake that also has a mystical story. The lake is Scissors Lake. Gunting Lake is one of the most favorite spots for tourists. Vacationing in a green area that is very wide and cool while looking at the beauty of the lake.

The Mystery of the Bogor Botanical Gardens
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But as the day began to turn into night the atmosphere became tense. Local people say Gunting Lake is the home of an invisible creature, namely a Dutch noni and a giant snake demon.

Several cleaners at the Botanical Gardens claimed to have been shown the form of a noni who was walking alone around the lake. The officer said the Dutch noni was walking leisurely while humming in Gunting Lake. The officer also said that residents who were fishing in the lake had also been disturbed by the figure of a giant snake that appeared from within Lake.

The legend of the appearance of a spirit figure is also found in the tomb of King Siliwangi's wife. In the Botanical Gardens there is also a burial complex for the wife of King Siliwangi, whose name is Ratu Galuh. The scenery around the cemetery does look different from other places. The tomb is under a large and shady tree.

Even during the day the location looks dark. It is said that at night the cemetery complex is always avoided by security guards patrolling not because it is far away but because they do not want to see the appearance of a white tiger guarding the tomb.

The Mystery of the Bogor Botanical Gardens
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Legend has it that the tomb contained a white tiger. In addition to the Dutch tomb and the tomb of Ratu Galuh, there is a spooky burial complex in the Botanical Gardens. The mysterious cemetery is in the Mexican Park area. It is hidden so that many are not aware of the existence of the tomb.

Legend has it that janitors who happen to pass by are often disturbed by spirits through strange sounds. The officer said it was not uncommon for these spirits to call their names. But after being approached there was no one.

Around the Bogor Botanical Gardens, there are also former laboratory buildings. A mystical experience has been felt by the cleaning staff at the Botanical Gardens, precisely around the former laboratory building. The cleaning staff said the mystical experiences were of various kinds. Some saw the figure of a Dutch noni, while others saw a large tall black figure.

They also said that one officer had even fallen ill after seeing sightings around the laboratory. Until now there are still many people who do not want to tell more because they are afraid to tell it. In addition to its beauty, the Bogor Botanical Gardens holds a thousand mystery stories.

His stories have been experienced by many visitors and officers who work at the Bogor Botanical Gardens. The story does not discourage people from coming to the Bogor Botanical Gardens.