Exploring the Natural Beauty of Raja Ampat

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Raja Ampat

Traveling in Raja Ampat is a dream for many people. Apart from enjoying its natural beauty, tourists can also do other activities such as diving, getting around by boat, or just relaxing and taking pictures.

Talking about Raja Ampat cannot be separated from one of the icons of this place, namely Wayag. Wayag is a row of rocks wrapped in greenish color that spreads across the blue ocean. This extraordinary panorama is what makes Raja Ampat global. Taking pictures with a background of rock clusters is certainly a must.

Besides Wayag, you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the green coral reefs at Pianemo. This place is at an altitude so tourists can enjoy the incredible mix of coral reefs, blue sea and clear blue skies. This pianemo is often referred to as the mini version of Wayag.

After finishing with a cluster of rocks, it's time to explore the beautiful white sands of Raja Ampat. There is one place that has charming white sand, namely Pasir Timbul. Pulau Pasir is adjacent to Mansuar Island.

Like other sand islands, Pasir Timbul will show its white sand when the middle sea water recedes. The stretch of sparkling white sand will be a beautiful moment and perfect for taking selfies.

Moving away from the sea, tourists can visit Batanta Waterfall with its fantastic views. The fresh nuance of the waterfall will also be cool after a day of exploring the salt water.

Apart from Batanta Waterfall, tourists can also see the bird which is the icon of Papua, Cendrawasih. This native bird from Papua can be found in Sawinggrai Village. It does take a lot of effort to be able to see this bird considering its rare existence.

Various natural beauties of Raja Ampat prove that this place is not just a matter of the sea. There are still waterfalls and natural habitat of Cendrawasih that can be an alternative for tourists. This shows that Raja Ampat has a very complete natural tourism.

Enjoy the underwater panorama of Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has a captivating underwater beauty. There are at least 1500 species of fish, 500 species of coral, and more than 600 invertebrates under the sea throughout the Raja Ampat region. This is fairly reasonable considering that 75% of the world's fish species can be found in Raja Ampat. This includes manta rays whose body width can reach 2 meters.

Diving activities are also the main choice to enjoy the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat. Tourists can see for themselves how beautiful the underwater Raja Ampat is, or if lucky, can swim with the iconic manta rays. Various diving spots are available in Raja Ampat so tourists don't need to worry.

Tourists can visit Misool Island. This island is one of the four major islands in Raja Ampat. Misool Island itself consists of four parts, namely West Misool, North Misool, East Misool, and South Misool.

Misool Island is one of the most visited destinations for tourists, especially for lovers of underwater beauty. Tourists can see for themselves a variety of beautiful fish. In addition, there is the open sea in southern Misool, which houses large fauna such as manta rays and dolphins.

Apart from Misool Island, tourists can also choose Kri Island for diving activities. This is the most perfect dive site in Raja Ampat. How not, with just one dive, tourists can find up to 300 more species of fish. Combined with beautiful small corals, diving on Kri Island will be an unforgettable experience.

Apart from these two locations, there are still many tourist spots in Raja Ampat that offer beautiful underwater beauty. Call it Star Lagoon, Magic Mountain, Blue Magic, Dampier Strait, and others. Of course, these various diving spots will make tourists have many options to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat's underwater.

5 Raja Ampat Tourist Destinations

Raja Ampat tourism is always interesting to explore. Make you curious and want to get there. Even Raja Ampat tourist attractions have become one of the dream destinations that cannot be missed for a lifetime.

Here are our recommendations for those of you who want to tour Raja Ampat.

1. Wayag Island

This is the first special island belonging to Raja Ampat Regency which is considered as a world paradise. Here we can see a group of islands lined up in green with a clean blue sea. Really beautiful. In fact, because of its beauty, Wayag Island has become a tourist icon for Raja Ampat.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Raja Ampat
Image : Indonesia Travel

Not only has extraordinary natural beauty, Wayag Island also has the charm of beautiful underwater beauty. It has even been named one of the 10 best dive spots in Indonesia. Here tourists can see clusters of corals and hundreds of types of marine fish. Its beauty cannot be described in words.

For tourists who want to stay here, you don't need to worry, there are several resorts and places to stay that can be rented.

To get to Wayag Island, we only need to take a plane to Sorong, then continue the journey by plane to Waisai. After arriving at Waisai we can look for a ship at the port to Wayag Island. The costs incurred when traveling to Wayag Island are quite expensive, so we must prepare for the trip carefully before coming here.

2. Pianemo Islands

Many people say the Pianemo Islands are a miniature of Wayag Island. This is none other than because the scenery on this island is indeed very similar to Wayag Island. But the difference here is that tourists have to struggle to climb to a small island to be able to see the beauty of these islands.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Raja Ampat
Image : Potret24.com

The island, which is located in West Waigeo District, can be accessed when morning arrives because there are already many speedboats in Waisai at 06.00 WIT. It won't take long, we will arrive at Pianemo. Here we can see a cluster of green islands above the blue sea water.

3. Misool Island

Misool Island is one of the four major islands in the Raja Ampat Islands. Misool itself is divided into four parts, namely, East Misool, South Misool, West Misool and North Misool.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Raja Ampat
Image : jejakpiknik.com

Raja Ampat tourism also includes the world's coral triangle area. So do not be surprised if there are many fish that are so beautiful and crowded with tourists hunting for views of the seabed. Moreover, in the southern part of Misool there is an open sea which has large marine fauna such as dolphins, whales and manta rays.

Unmissable places in Misool are Harfat Peak which is famous for its magnificent views. Not far from Harfat Peak, there is also a pretty beautiful place called Puncak Love. Here we can see the day-shaped lagoon from the top.

In addition to natural tourism, tourists can also take historical tours to see the rock walls with handprints estimated to be 50 thousand years old and have a series of directions for the distribution of humans in the archipelago.

4. Salawati Island

Salawati Island is the largest island in Raja Ampat Regency. With white sand, this island is in great demand by tourists. Moreover, here is a place where rainbow fish rarely exist in the world adds to the specialty of this island.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Raja Ampat
Image : Lifestyle Okezone

Apart from that, the people also have strong customs. The Wor dance is one of the dances that has always been one of the dances that greet the tourists who come here. Tourists will feel at home with a friendly community while at this Raja Ampat tourist spot.

5. Kri Island

If asked about the most perfect dive sites in Raja Ampat, we will answer that one of them is Kri Island. Here, tourists can find 374 species of fish in one dive. Here there are many barracudas, jacks, batfish and snapper that live side by side with small reef fish, sharks, groupers, and turtles.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Raja Ampat
Image : Phinemo

The currents are not that strong and the corals are very beautiful.

Raja Ampat Tourism is located in Yenbuba, Meos Mansar, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. For tourists who want to stay on this island, there are resorts, one of which is Kri Eco Resort Raja Ampat.

Vacation costs to Raja Ampat

For those of you who make Raja Ampat a dream tourist destination, you have to prepare about 4 days for a vacation, as well as a minimum of 6 million rupiah for backpackers, while the tour is around IDR 15 million per person. Why? Here are the simple details.

For those of you who intend to go in a group, it's a good idea to use a travel agent or tour and travel service. The range of travel packages to Raja Ampat is IDR 15 million to IDR 18 million. This figure is the price of a trip from Jakarta to Sorong, then to Raja Ampat back and forth, accommodation, meals, tours to the islands and other activities.

Meanwhile, if you are alone or even going in a group, then using the backpacker style can be an interesting experience. The cost of an airplane ticket from Jakarta to Sorong is around IDR 1.5 million. If you return home, then IDR 3 million for a plane ticket for one person.

Then there is an inn in the form of a hotel, there is also a homestay. If you want cheaper lodging costs, you can choose a homestay. The price range is IDR 560 thousand, if you are two or three of you, it means that last night around IDR 200 thousand to IDR 300 thousand per person. However, if you go alone, it's best to rent a hotel. Hotel prices range from Rp. 400 thousand for a night.

Then the ticket entrance fee to the Raja Ampat tourist area is IDR 500 thousand for local tourists, and IDR 1 million for foreign tourists. In this area, you can use ojek transportation services to get to the port, then from the port to the destination island you can use a boat. For this transportation fee, it amounts to IDR 300,000.

Finally, for the price of food in Raja Ampat, the average is IDR 20 thousand per portion.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Raja Ampat

Accommodation around Raja Ampat

1. Misool Eco Resort

For those of you who prioritize comfortable lodging and have complete facilities, you can glance at Misool Eco Resort. One of the top hotels in Raja Ampat is equipped with a special diving area, perfect for those of you who like diving.

This resort is located between uninhabited locations. So naturally, if the surrounding conditions are still very natural, the level of privacy is also very high because not many other people have visited it.

2. Raja Ampat Divelodge Resort

Another exclusive resort called Raja Ampat Divelodge Resort. The facilities offered at Divelodge Resort are no less complete when compared to Misool Eco Resort. The uniqueness of this resort is that it is close to Mansuar Island. So you can dive to your heart's content while on vacation here.

The cost of lodging per night can be said to be quite expensive, which is above IDR 3 million per night. To make it cheaper, invite your friends or co-workers to vacation together. Not bad, you can cut 50% of the lodging costs that should be paid if you are traveling alone.

3. Hamu Eco Resort

If the two resorts above are too expensive, you can stay at the Hamu Eco Resort. The cost of lodging here is very affordable, namely Rp. 1 million per night, perfect for those of you who are low on budget.

Even though it is cheaper, the facilities offered are no less good and complete. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery around in the morning, afternoon and evening. This resort is suitable as one of the most recommended lodging places in Raja Ampat.

If you are hungry, come to the restaurant around this resort. The food served is more of a local cuisine with a delicious taste and biting on the tongue.

4. Yenkoranu Homestay

Want cheap but good lodging? Stay overnight at Yenkoranu Homestay. For a VIP type 1 room, it is priced at IDR 650,000 / person / night. As for the two of them, the price is Rp. 950,000. There is also a type 2 VIP room whose price range is only IDR 100,000 different from the 1 VIP one, both for personal and for couples.

This homestay is located on the beachfront and comes with a private balcony. When relaxing in the afternoon, you will be presented with a very beautiful beach view. Snorkeling and hiking are two favorite activities while at Yenrokanu Homestay.

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