The Beauty of the Suramadu Bridge

The Beauty of the Suramadu Bridge

Suramadu National Bridge is a bridge connecting Java and Madura Islands. Suramadu Bridge is the longest bridge in Indonesia with a length of 5,438 meters. At night, this bridge will be decorated with lights that add to the beauty of the bridge's view. It's no wonder that now this bridge is also one of the most famous tourist attractions.

The Suramadu Bridge consists of three parts, namely the main bridge, the flyover, and the connecting bridge. The first is an overpass on each side of the island with a length of about 1458 meters on the side of Surabaya and 1818 meters on the Madura side, after which it is connected to connecting bridges with each length of about 627 meters, and the last is the main bridge in the middle. which consists of three parts, namely two side spans which are 192 meters long and the main span is 434 meters long.

During the construction of this bridge it will cost around 4.5 trillion rupiah. The view on the Suramadu Bridge is indeed quite interesting. During the day when you cross this bridge, you can see the Madura Strait from the top of the bridge. The ocean that surrounds your right and left makes you enjoy the sensation of flying above the sea. And if you look towards Surabaya, you can see the Jalesveva Jayamahe statue and the Kenjeran Beach area, occasionally you can also see a ship sailing.

The evenings at the Suramadu Bridge are no less beautiful. The lights on the bridge tower produce colorful combinations that are beautiful to the eye and make the atmosphere more attractive. Very appropriate for immortalized with a camera. Those of you who ride a vehicle and want to cross this bridge must pay the toll road rates set by the government. The toll tariff for class one four-wheelers such as sedans and small trucks is 30,000 rupiah, while for two-wheeled vehicles such as motorbikes, only 3,000 rupiah is required.

There are other fun ways to enjoy the Suramadu Bridge apart from going on this bridge, namely by boat or renting a boat. If you take a ship, you must first go to Tanjung Perak Harbor. However, if you choose to use a boat, you can find boat rentals near the foot of the Suramadu Bridge. The boat that will take the tourists around for about an hour is the Cokroaminoto Boat. This boat can accommodate nearly 20 passengers with several facilities provided such as buoys.

To get to the Suramadu Bridge from Bungurasih Terminal take a bus bound for Madura then ask to get off before the toll if you want to see Suramadu Bridge from the Surabaya side. But if you want to keep going and continue the journey until you reach Kamal Harbor, it will take you about 10 minutes. You can also use a motorbike, but you have to be vigilant because the wind is blowing very hard so always remember to obey the applicable signs.

Location of Suramadu Bridge