Exploring the Beauty of "Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge" the Longest Bridge in Indonesia

Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge
Image : Kompasiana

Sukabumi turns out to have many tours, not only beaches and the queen's port, currently tourism in the Sukabumi highlands is becoming a hitzy tour. The suspension bridge is one of them, which is a bridge that hangs beautifully in the middle of Gede Pangrango National Park. This will make liners amazed by the natural beauty of Sukabumi, as well as goosebumps about its height.

One of the longest suspension bridges in Southeast Asia, 243 meters with a height of approximately 160 meters, is located in a mountain complex. From Sukabumi it only takes 30 minutes to get there, once you reach the gate of the mountain complex, each person will be charged a fee of 16 thousand along with a vehicle parking ticket, but the ticket does not include suspension bridge entrance tickets.

From the parking lot, we have to walk a little to get to the suspension bridge ticket booth, now this ticket costs Rp. 50,000, includes a tour of Curug Sawer and a welcome drink. The journey begins with a 500 meter walk to get to the suspension bridge. During the trip, we will feel walking in the middle of the forest with lush trees and roads that are not smooth, aka rocky, up and down, so tips for liners should also use shoes for comfort during long walks.

In the middle of the trip we will find a mini cafe that provides a welcome drink. Not only tea and coffee, they also serve boiled cassava snacks, cassava chips, and boiled bananas for each visitor, perfect for filling the stomach for energy before continuing. long journey.

Not far from the mini cafe, we arrive at a post as one end of the bridge. This post looks modern, where tickets in the form of a bracelet will be scanned , to find out and limit the number of people on the bridge that can accommodate 40 people at once. After that, each visitor will be put on a safety belt that can be attached to the bridge just in case, if there is a disaster or something happens, the officer says not to panic and stay calm on the bridge.

Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge
Image : Alinea

Once you set foot on this ironwood bridge, there will be a slight shock but all will be distracted when we can enjoy the green hills that surround the bridge, shrouded in a thin fog in the morning, the air that is not cold and not hot makes every visitor comfortable. . But take it easy, liners apart from the morning, you can still visit the suspension bridge which is open from 6 am to 4 pm.

On the bridge, apart from enjoying the nature of Sukabumi, of course everyone doesn't want to waste the opportunity to capture the moment by taking selfies, in addition there is no time limit on the bridge. But remember to take turns with other visitors given the limited number of people on this bridge.

However, the journey from the end of the bridge is not the final destination, after releasing seat belts at the post, the visitors prepare to descend another 500 meters down the hill to arrive at Curug Sawer.

In the middle of the trip to the waterfall, it turns out that there is also a large yard with a sign that says 'glamping', or glamor camping . In addition, it also turns out that there are other facilities such as flying fox, restaurant restaurant. For liners who want to try camping, see more info at situgungbridge.com

Before arriving at the waterfall, we will pass the food court area which indicates that the waterfall is near. The food court there sells snacks and heavy meals, so you don't have to worry about hunger and thirst on your way back to the top.

We arrive at the waterfall sawer with a height of 35 meters and the water flows quite swiftly even during the dry season. Visitors are not allowed to swim, but can enjoy the cool, clear water near the small river rocks as its downstream. Or take selfies on the wooden bridge in front of the waterfall.

After enjoying the waterfall, there are lots of ojek drivers from local residents who offer their services to take you back to the parking lot, without going through the same road, so that tired parents can use this service, spending 50 thousand rupiah.

Some young people of course prefer to go back to the top, in addition to sports we will also go back to tracing the bridge again, enjoying sukabumi once again, which turns out to be a secret of natural beauty that spoils the eye.

Route to Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge Tour

Using a private vehicle is the easiest option to get to this tourist destination , because there is no public transportation that can take you to the location. However, if it is not possible to use a private vehicle, here are some alternatives:

From Jakarta, choose the public transportation route to Ciawi. It's not that there is no transportation to Cisaat, the traffic jam conditions make Ciawi the best choice. From Ciawi, continue the journey to Cicurug by taking public transportation number 02, get off at Pasa Cicurug. Change transportation with public transportation 07 to Cibadak Market, and continue with public transportation 09 to Cisaat Police.

If using the train, choose Bogor Station and continue to Paledang Station until you reach Cisaat Station using a local train to Sukabumi. Then, continue the journey by taking an ojek or walking to Cisaat Police, which is about 10 kilometers from the station.

From Cisaat Police Station, it is still about 10 kilometers to reach the Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge tourist area. Choose a motorcycle taxi, either conventional ojek or application-based ojek. However, if the trip is carried out by more than 5 people, it would be better to rent public transportation to take them to the location and pick them up again.

Facilities and Activities at Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge

In the Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge tourist area, the available facilities are fairly complete. There is already a large enough parking area to accommodate visitors who use private vehicles, toilets, and stalls selling snacks. Meanwhile, make sure to do the following activities while on location:

1. Try out exciting rides in the tourist area

Arriving at the entrance to the location, visitors still have to travel for 15 minutes on foot to get to the suspension bridge. Later, there will be officers who provide free drinks for visitors, half the way to the location. There is also a lodge that offers various menus, namely DeBotram Gede Pangrango .

Apart from enjoying the stunning natural scenery and taking pictures from the bridge, don't forget to try out the various rides that are offered. Here, visitors can try to test their guts by riding a flying fox , or around the lake by sampan. Each ride will incur an additional fee, but this fee is still very affordable.

2. Camping in the Camping Ground Area

Apart from the canoe boat and flying fox facilities , visitors can also camp in the camping ground area that has been provided. The cost to rent this campsite is IDR 32,500 per person with the main ticket IDR 18,500 for each visitor. It must feel very nice to be able to camp directly in a destination with a very stunning natural view. Just in case, it's best to bring your own camping gear. Maybe, there will be a tent rental fee if the manager provides this facility.

3. Visiting Curug Sawer

After crossing the suspension bridge, continue the journey to visit Curug Sawer. This destination is approximately 30 minutes walk. Even though the road access is fairly good, visitors still have to be careful, because there are some parts that are still steep and slippery. This 35 meter high waterfall generates a fairly heavy water discharge. The air is also very cool, typical of the mountains. Around the site, the wind may blow quite heavily with water droplets as a result of the waterfall's height. Don't forget to capture the beauty of this waterfall.

Well, that was a review about the Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge tour, which is the longest suspension bridge in Asia. It must be very adrenaline rush when passing through, especially with the height of the bridge and the swing when stepped on by several other visitors. May be useful.

Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge Tourism Location

Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge Tour is located in the Mount Gede Pangrango National Park complex. Precisely in Sukamanis Village, Kadudampit District, Sukabumi, West Java.